What is really going on here?

When people hear that we offer coaching, achieve really good results, and have a helpful website where we also share this information, we consistently receive several messages asking the following: "What sets us apart from others? In which fitness industry battle is Pro Fitness Wellness engaged?

Which tribe do we belong to?

Is it the trendy keto? Low carb, Carnivore? Fasting? Vegan? HIIT? Weightlifting, CrossFit, or something else?


This is understandable!

However, it's not related to any of the aforementioned. You see, everyone can find a working way for themselves; there's no one-size-fits-all and one right approach. It's about finding the best way for you, and that's why we offer possibilities for all these things.

We also don't judge or demonize things because we know that one size does not fit all. Certain basics and principles do work - we stick to them and don't easily give up on our principles...

You know, I studied sports nutrition at the university. I've also read and studied nutritional psychology and change. I,m also Personal trainer, nutritional coach...

GOOD OR BAD? Some people do anything - is that smart?

Some things are best avoided, and some are worth doing - do you understand what I mean? Our "thing" is to help busy working men and women achieve their physical goals by guiding them to eat and exercise correctly.

This includes helping them find the best nutrition and training strategy tailored to their situation while balancing their work and family commitments.

Does it sound smart? Well, what do you think?

I once had an online coaching group with almost 4000 participants, and the results were phenomenal.


Because I taught that we find the best way for you. In the end, you're not just a bride or groom trying to fit into wedding attire for just a day; you're aiming for a permanent physical transformation. Isn't that the smartest?

Whatever you do, you must enjoy it and be able to sustain it, not just now but also in the future! There are no dogmatic rules, but our clients follow certain principles in all our guidance related to both nutrition and training!


People want to believe in shortcuts, shortcuts to happiness, and prefer simple answers.

We understand this, but anyway...

More and more, we passively learn about our interests through social media or podcasts. These algorithms reward controversial opinions.

What should we think about this? For us, it's relatively sick even that people's well-being can be monetized and quite easily at that...

Scientific literacy is low, and people have a short attention span. Few can evaluate and contextualize new evidence.

Those who can speak too complexly to capture attention, and honestly, many lie. As a result, the loudest voices in the fitness industry are usually full of nonsense. This, to put it nicely...

We want to keep the language on our website beautiful... Elsewhere, not so much...

Is lying okay?

Deceiving people, taking their money... Some individuals are inherently sociopathic charlatans. Most are well-intentioned people stuck in an information bubble and intoxicated by attention. Their income depends on not waking up from their delusion, so their cognitive biases keep them there. Even sadder...

We know that many want to hear beautiful phrases. To hear that do this, and your life will change...

The situation is somewhat like being in a sinking boat, and this is the last chance - What does a person who is drowning do?

Of course, they grab the hand that is extended. Is it always smart? Well, definitely not...

Believing in things without a scientific basis. Really great. Well, everyone has their way, but we do things differently...

Science, results, and understanding our clients

So, as I mentioned, we do things differently. We base everything on science. I don't know, but what else should it be based on?

Of course, having experiences, is the experience of successfully losing weight and burning fat proof that one can be capable of coaching other people?

Ok, that is certainly evidence that the person has made a change in their life. That's great too, can't deny that.

Faith behind everything!

We don't believe in one singular right way; instead, we strive to find the approach that best suits each individual to achieve their fitness goals. It may require experimentation and learning from mistakes, but it's in this uniqueness that the power lies. When people inquire about our 'thing,' the answer is complex!

This is starting to amuse me a bit, but I have to write about this...

It's not related to fancy trends or battles within fitness tribes. Instead, it relates to a practical approach based on the individual needs and circumstances of our clients.

The chaos in the fitness industry partly stems from the quest for quick answers and ready-made solutions. Is there a shortcut to happiness?

Often, 9 out of 10 attempts at weight loss fail?

The answer is what you just read - I'll repeat it again,

"the quest for quick answers and ready-made solutions - the shortcut to happiness."

Social media

Social media algorithms often favor unsubstantiated scientific evidence. People tend to believe in things that sound simple, even though results are influenced by complex factors.

Many of the loudest voices in the fitness industry can be full of empty talk. Emptier than what is heard on a mountain when the wind blows really hard. What does one want to do there, go to shelter and hold onto their hat...

Some may even have a questionable moral compass as they attempt to deceive people with quick fixes and empty promises.

Morality and ethics

Our goal is to provide a counterbalance to this confusion. To all that people are being deceived and money is being taken from them. It's not honest.

We encourage each individual to find their sustainable way of exercising and eating healthily. We don't push quick fixes but aim for lasting change in everything we do, in every program, in every product.

By focusing on the individual needs of our clients, that is, your individual needs, and offering practical solutions, we can help you achieve lasting results.

We want them too! After all, I've stayed in shape for over 20 years. That says something, and you know, we have a success rate with clients of over 96%.

A significant portion of our clients sends a message even 5 years later, and it is "thank you."

Along with that might be a picture and proof that, hey, I'm still in good shape!

This is our thing, and it's built on honesty, science, and respect for the individuality of our clients.

We want to offer the best service; nothing else matters. If we get compensation for it, sure, we can support our families with it, and that's enough!

That's why our mission is to offer the best, to help as many as this message interests. It may not interest everyone, and even if it's frustrating, we don't take it personally.

We know that there are still many who believe in us and forget all that nonsense!

Love you all! 


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