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Dream Physique - 12 week Training And Nutrition Journey

Dream Physique - 12 week Training And Nutrition Journey

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Pursue Your Dreams in 12 Weeks!

Welcome to the Dream Physique coaching program, designed specifically for men aiming to achieve their dream physique. This 12-week intensive coaching program includes tailored programs for both beginners and more experienced trainees, offering progressive training and diverse workout instructions.

Program Structure:

Beginner Workout Program (Weeks 1-6 and 7-12)
Progressive training designed especially for beginners, providing a strong foundation for physical development.

Advanced Workout Program (Weeks 1-4, 5-8, 9-12)
Three different programs for advanced trainees looking to take their training to the next level.

Exercise Database and Workout Instructions
A comprehensive exercise database and instructions ensure correct technique and workout diversity.

Nutrition Guidelines:
Six different diets with a gradual increase in calories (2400-3400 kcal), suitable for fat loss or muscle mass and strength development.

Goals of the Coaching:

  • Achieve fat loss and muscle mass development or focus on building lean muscle mass.
  • The coaching program offers progressive training with increasing volume and the ability to adjust calorie intake according to development.

The Dream Physique coaching is designed for body transformation and goal-oriented training, offering a holistic approach akin to elite athlete training.

The name reflects just that – the dream of a body you can achieve with a 12-week coaching program.

Start your journey toward your dream physique today!

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