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Dream Physique - Beginner Training Pack

Dream Physique - Beginner Training Pack

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Starter Workout Bundle

Begin your fitness journey on the right foot with the Starter Workout Bundle, designed specifically for those starting their fitness journey and in need of a clear plan to support their development. This comprehensive package includes everything you need for a successful start and progress in the gym.

Before transitioning between phases, there is a deload period in the workouts, taking your fitness to a new level. Everything has been taken into account!

Package Content:

Beginner Workout Program (Weeks 1-6)
The first six weeks are designed for an easy and effective introduction to training.

Beginner Workout Program (Weeks 7-12)
Continued plan building on the previous period for continued development and skills.

Basic Database of Movements and Techniques:
Clear instructions for fundamental movements and techniques to help you perform exercises correctly and safely.

Bonus - Training and nutrition guide!
Additional tips and strategies to help you achieve your peak performance.


  • Beginners looking to get a strong start in their fitness journey.
  • Those in need of a clear and guided workout program.

Start your fitness journey right and build a strong foundation for your future progress with the Starter Workout Bundle!

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