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Dream Physique - Ultimate Training Pack

Dream Physique - Ultimate Training Pack

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Ultimate Training Pack

This Comprehensive Fitness Bundle combines both a beginner and an experienced workout program, providing a versatile and holistic approach to fitness.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are already an experienced athlete, this package is suitable for all goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts. You can start as a beginner and then progress to the experienced level. This way, you have workouts ready for 6 months!

Before transitioning between phases, there is a deload period in the workouts, taking your fitness to a new level. Everything has been taken into account!

Package Content:

Beginner Training Program (Weeks 1-6):
The first six weeks are designed for an easy start, providing a strong foundation.

Beginner Training Program (Weeks 7-12):
Continued plan building on the beginner phase for continued development and skills.

Advanced Training Program (Weeks 1-4):
The first four weeks feature challenging workouts with higher volume for advanced development.

Advanced Training Program (Weeks 5-8):
Continued plan building on the previous period to increase strength and muscle mass.

Advanced Training Program (Weeks 9-12):
The last phase offers even more demanding workouts to challenge your physical fitness.

Basic Database of Movements and Techniques:
Clear instructions for fundamental movements and techniques to help you perform exercises correctly and safely.

Complete Exercise Database and Technique Guide:
A versatile exercise database that includes challenging movements with detailed instructions on how to perform them correctly.

Bonus - Training and nutrition guide!
Additional tips and strategies to help you achieve your peak performance.


  • This comprehensive package is suitable for anyone looking for a diverse and goal-oriented fitness plan.
  • Levels can be switched as needed, progressing according to your own development.

Make fitness a lifestyle with the Comprehensive Training & Fitness Bundle!

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