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Men 4-Day-Split gym beginners program

Men 4-Day-Split gym beginners program

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Beginner 4-Day Split Training Program

If your goal is to build muscle strength, improve fitness, and sculpt your body while burning fat, a 4-day split gym program is an excellent choice for women.

You can follow this program 4 times a week.

Each session alternates between targeted Push, Pull and Full-body workouts, ensuring comprehensive training for all essential muscle groups.

The training program includes:

  • 4 Different Workouts
  • Sets, Reps, and Rest between Sets
  • Training guide for exercises
  • Exercise calendar and weekly plan, customizable to fit your schedule
  • Exercise bank with instructions for each movement

Training is based on a unique Progressive Development Model (PDM), carefully designed to prove its effectiveness in holistic body development.

PDM relies on scientific research and incorporates advanced training principles, with a significant focus on progressive overload. The intensity of the training gradually increases as the weeks progress, promoting continuous development and preventing plateaus in your workouts.

Training enhances strength, endurance, and other key factors, supporting optimal performance for your body.

Feel free to customize the program to your preferences and fitness level, and enjoy the journey to a healthier and stronger you

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