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Men Advanced 1+2+1-Day Split Training Program

Men Advanced 1+2+1-Day Split Training Program

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1+2+1-Day Split Training Program

If you're an advanced trainee  seeking real results and have prior experience, our 4 days training program is tailored for you. With this program, you train with a 1+2+1-day split 2-4 times a week, maximizing your progress.

Ideal for Men aiming to build muscle mass, strength, enhance fitness, and sculpt their bodies while burning fat. 

Gym training days:

  • Day 1 - Full-Body Workout #1
  • Day 2 - Lower body
  • Day 3 - Upper Body
  • Day 4 - Full-Body Workout #2
  • Biceps, triceps, and core are trained as part of the other workout sessions

Each session alternates between targeted workouts for different muscle groups, ensuring comprehensive and diversified training. 

Best is - You can follow this training program over 4 week and get more results!

The advanced training program includes:

  • Three distinct workouts
  • Specifying sets, reps, and rest intervals
  • You'll receive a training guide, an exercise calendar with a customizable weekly plan
  • Exercise bank with instructions for each movement.

Unique and Effective Training System

Designed for those familiar with training, the program utilizes a unique Progressive Development Model (PDM), backed by scientific research and advanced training principles. Emphasizing progressive overload, the intensity gradually increases, ensuring continuous development and avoiding workout plateaus.

Experience enhanced strength, endurance, and overall performance. Elevate your training and achieve tangible results with our advanced program. 

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